Our staff is real: real with their students, with parents and with one another

Like all schools, the teachers make it what it is, and that's what makes Summit so special! Summit's teachers are not just experienced and highly effective, they are also loving, God-seeking, Christ-pointing, joyful living, prayerful and full of grace. Our staff is real: real with their students, with parents and with one another. They exemplify healthy relationships and community to our families.

But that's only half the team that makes Summit so special. The office and support staff work out of the joy in their hearts and numerous volunteers donate countless hours out of appreciation for all God is doing through Summit. Below is a bit of info on each familiar face you may see serving the Lord through Summit students.


  • David Couchman


    David Couchman
  • Shelly Tuck

    Admin / Events Coordinator

    Shelly Tuck
  • Julie Day


    Julie Day


  • Charlene Ellis


    Charlene Ellis
  • Lois Andrakowicz

    First Grade

    Lois Andrakowicz
  • Kellie Luber

    Second Grade

    Kellie Luber
  • Kathy Bannister

    Third Grade

    Kathy Bannister
  • Megan Henderson

    Fourth Grade

    Megan Henderson
  • Sarah Patterson

    Fifth Grade

    Sarah Patterson

Middle School

  • Peggy Johnson

    Middle School

    Peggy Johnson
  • Steve Goodyear

    Middle School

    Steve Goodyear
  • Claudia Paduraru

    Middle School

    Claudia Paduraru

Support Staff & Aides

  • Becca Darke

    Physical Education

    Becca Darke
  • Emily Goodyear

    School Programs Coordinator

    Emily Goodyear
  • Darlene Maurer

    Adventurers (3's) Aide

    Darlene Maurer

Board of Directors

Summit Christian School's Board of Directors is a professional board that provides Godly leadership, oversight and policy direction to the school and its Administrator, and is composed mainly of parents. The board members bring diverse skill sets to the governance of the school, gained from professions in business management, accounting and entrepreneurship. The Board meets monthly and all board meetings are open to the Summit Community.

Board Members

  • Cliff Carey, President
  • Glory Albin, Vice President
  • Dana Hippensteel, CFO
  • Corey Webb, Secretary
  • Josh Tapp
  • Rebecca Rice
  • Wes Finkemeier