Learning and Living with Christian Character

We are an independent, inter-denominational school with classes from preschool to 8th grade, located on the grounds of Grace Bible Church in Fair Oaks, California. We are members of the Association of Christian Schools International and the California Association of Private School Organizations.

What Parents Are Saying

“It's our third year at this school and I can't say enough. Best school! It's family oriented! Very kind, caring, supportive, knowledge, and God loving staff. Very good and strong curriculum for students. My kids enjoy waking up every morning and go to this school.”

Marina Podnebesnyy

“Since the day it started, Summit has exceeded our expectations, inspiring children to excel in character within academic/social/athletic experiences, prioritizing their relationship with Jesus above all else. I continue to be in awe of SCS, especially in events like Veteran's Day, and how faith is integrated into respect and honor for our country.”

Sherry Ehrhart

“The preschool staff is incredibly warm and friendly, and helped my sons feel like they fit right in, from day one. My boys have grown and learned in ways I never imagined. The preschool teachers could not be more encouraging, loving, and knowledgeable about how to teach, inspire and challenge my kids. We love Summit, and I promise you will too.”

Caryn Olson

“Summit is the best school ever! All of the staff are so loving and caring! My daughter wakes up every morning so excited to go to school. We are so blessed to be a part of the Summit family!”

Natalie Coleman

“No matter what learning style your child has, he or she will be given the opportunity to use it along with all the others in the preschool classrooms at Summit. The classrooms are colorful and stimulating, there are lots of different toys for pretend play, and time for both independent play and group learning. But best of all, your child will be loved on by the amazing teachers!”

Lynne Graw

“As my kids would come home from just a few hours of class, it was evident their knowledge of educational basics were developing but also their passion for the Bible and Jesus Christ. The school impacts our whole family – interaction with the staff, the meetings with the teachers, the close communication with parents and teachers… even the kids at in the higher grades. The two schools are on the same campus, and the older kids are such a huge blessing. My children look up to these elementary kids and it has a positive impact on their actions.”

Scott & Erika Goodyear

“The preschool teachers are all very welcoming and genuinely upbeat and happy to see the children everyday. They have the perfect mix of a kind and loving nature while encouraging learning and progressing through a faith-based program. I would highly recommend Summit Preschool for any family that is looking for a nurturing and caring environment in which to provide the first step in education their child.”

Liz Johnson